Pam Grout and Catherine

Pam Grout and Catherine


I know that feels like a dramatic headline, but it is completely true. 

10 years ago today I had a Stage 3 rectal cancer diagnosis. I was awaiting a surgery in 2 says and truly didn’t know if I would live or die. I was scared shitless….really. LOL. Turns out two of my cancer doctors have passed away but I am still here. (Thank you, Uni!)

Today I am kicking ass and no one expected me to still be here. My rectum took it on the chin, so to speak, a lifetime of resentment had focused itself into that most delicate body part. Years of anxiety and social awkwardness as I turned myself inside out trying to match the people I lived with, had worn me and my immune system out. Years of Christianity had helped me….some. But…..

Until I discovered the true magic and miracle of “Energy Work”, I was cursed to live life as a chameleon. Always shifting colors, shapes, and states of being to match the people in my life, I was trapped in “Energy Patterns” that kept me attracting the same annoying, confusing, narcissistic, unbalanced and exhausting people into my life.

I was so desperate to stay alive, 10 years ago, I dove into the “Energy” world with all the life force I could muster. I studied tapping, meditation and everything Abraham Hicks wrote and recorded. It has been a rollicking ride, that is for damn sure. As some of you know, finding Pam Grout’s life-changing book, E-Squared in 2015 turbocharged my life. There are lots of stories about that elsewhere.

This year I turn 65 on November 4. Because of the fucking miracle of still being alive (Stayin’ Alive by the BeeGees was my theme song in 2007!), I am conducting a Birthday Experiment and I hope you will be part of it!! I have decided to celebrate for entire last quarter of the year and you are invited. Here is how it works:

Catherine’s Birthday Quarter Experiment – What Do You REALLY Want For Your Life By The End Of 2017

What is your Waterloo? What is your Achilles Heel? What is your main obstacle to getting what you REALLY, really want? When I wanted to manifest LIFE for myself, I was very focused. Looking back, even though it was really a terrible time, it did FORCE me to choose what I wanted.

If I could tell you one thing that I learned for sure.

Holding a vision for what you want to manifest is NOT enough to make it happen.

Learning to have the FEELING of what you want to manifest is the secret sauce. But how?????

Jump in and try this 7 Day Birthday Experiment and try some secret sauce for yourself! Grab some paper and a pen.

  1. For one week, you will be creating super high intensity focus on ONE SPECIAL DESIRE.
  2. First, here is a 30 minute recording to listen to so you can tune your frequency to magic: Two Powerful Tools For Manifesting Faster
  3. Next you will need to do is to calculate your Magic Number.
  4. Write down your birthdate and year.
  5. Add up all of the digits and then add the remaining digits and draw a circle around the total. (For me it would be 11/4/52 for a total of 13, 1+3=4)
  6. The single digit you come up with is your Magic Number.
  7. Write down three things that you want to see show up or manifest before the end of the year.
  8. Rate the priority of these three items. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much desire do you have for each one. Be picky. Choose one high intensity desire for best results.
  9. Choose your highest desire as your focus for the Birthday Experiment. Draw a circle around it.
  10. Now the fun begins. I hope you don’t mind attracting spending money because you will be using a money machine for the experiment!
  11. Everyday this week, you are going to use the Money Machine (The Detachment Miracle!!) to manifest your highest desire. You have a Magic Number, right? You simply use the Money Machine that many times every day til next Monday.

Here is how to get the MAXIMUM RESULTS:

BE REAL!! Every day use your Magic Number (Mine is 4) and complain to the Universe about how much your life is hurting because you don’t have the thing. Type it in or use the voice to text option, but hold nothing back. This is your chance to be REAL about the frustration of waiting. Here are some examples:

Soulmate – Uni, I am sick and tired of waiting! I keep meeting portly, elderly men when I want a flat belly fit silver fox. How long do I have to wait???

Career – If I have to spend one more day in this dead end job, I am going to pinch someone’s head off.

Money – I need money for rent and don’t know where it is coming from. I am trying so hard. Please give me a sign.

Health – I need to lose 10 pounds and I can’t resist chocolate. Can I lose weight and still eat chocolate?

You get the idea. Compaining into the Money Machine is the fastest way to move energy. Your Magic Number is your prescription. If you use your magic number and use ever day, something magical will happen by next Monday! Are you in?


It's easy!

It’s easy!

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