Are you working on your complaining lately? Lots of Abraham Hicks fans are experimenting with this new way of living and stories are rolling in. Some are getting great results, like Kristina. Look what she has noticed since she stopped complaining last year:

“What has shown up is an amazing softening of relationships with my family. Being in a more neutral place and not allowing the hurts to stay hurting is completely out of character for me, the old me that is.  I am softer with people around me.  I am doing less complaining and I have tools that I can use to resolve issues instead. I get so much from the other people in my interactions now that complaining is in the past.  Thank you!”

Or maybe you fall into this camp. Here is a part of a message I just received this morning.

“I waited so long to get that truck back, I thanked it and the universe DAILY over the last month. Tapping, gratitude lists, cognizant of trying not to complain about anything… Now I’m behind on the car payment too lol just for kicks. Not sure what I’m missing?”  Still Waiting In Washington

Money SOS

Money SOS

Dear Still Waiting,

I hear your pain! I know what it is like to be waiting and waiting and WAITING for money to show up. There were times I was late with bills. Very late. I was very fortunate to have patient landlords and companies who would work with me. Even the government will do a payment plan if taxes are due.

When I read E-Squared, by the hilarious Pam Grout, in February of 2015, my luck changed for sure. But. Money did not suddenly appear and solve all of my problems. Far from it. Instead, the most bizarre set of coincidences, serendipities and synchronicities lined up and delivered themselves to me.

In other words, I got luckier. Way luckier. 

In March of 2015, when I needed money for rent, a stranger gave me a very generous gift. A ride on a hot air balloon. WTF? Did I take it? You bet your cute ass I did. I did say to the Universe, under my breath, “Thanks but I need rent money.” I felt a little guilty about that because a hot air balloon ride was a bucket list thing for me, but it was the truth. You can’t pay your rent with a hot air balloon ride. So I said yes, please and somehow, once again, the money showed up for the bills I needed to be paid. 

In April, the very next month, I was offered a free cruise.

In the middle of all this, money was always slow in showing up. Or so I thought.

So, Darling Still Waiting in Washington, I feel you. If I were to give my own self advice during the time when the waiting was especially painful, here is what I would say:

7 Keys To Life Without Complaining, Which Is The Guaranteed Fastest Way To Manifest Faster

  1. There is no final destination. I used to pin my joy on the result I wanted. I did the “stuff” of manifesting. I glued vision boards, clipped magazine articles, memorized affirmations, lit candles during full moon ceremonies, anything that felt helpful. But I missed something. I was so busy hoping for the new job, new home or partner, I forgot to have fun doing the “stuff” of manifesting.
  2.  Desire is continual, thank you universe. I didn’t realize that there is always a new desire unfolding in life. Dr. Wayne Dyer was quoted as saying, “There is a divine force drawing you forward to your highest expression of yourself.” I know this to be true now and wish I knew 10 years ago. Desires are born, grow and evolve and that dynamic is never parked anywhere. Trust and follow desire as it skips and jumps through the categories of your life.
  3. Manifesting happens fastest when you are focused. If you need the Universe to deliver three important things right now like a stable job, a trustworthy vehicle and the launch of a new project, it is possible. However. This would be like competing in three events in the Olympics, archery, track and swimming. You COULD do it, but the training would kill you. To maintain the focus to manifest such important things is very draining.
  4. When it comes to picking what to focus on, there is good news and bad news. The bad news, you don’t get to pick. The good news? You don’t get to pick. Uni knows exactly where you have the best chance for success. Isn’t that cool? Seriously, the Universe knows exactly what you need to feel relief about your problem right now.
  5. You have an inner guidance system that is fail-safe. Yes, Still Waiting, even you have the ability to know the next logical step. You see, that is the biggest secret I wish I would have known 15 years ago when I first heard of the Law of Attraction. To live in the flow of Universal energy, the place where you “accidentally” run into the right people at the right time, all you need to know is the next logical step.
  6. Freaking out is a good thing. What?? Yes. When you freak out it is a signal that your brain is pointed in the wrong direction. It is that simple. Freaking out simply means that your current thinking is opposite of your desires. There is really good news here, too. All you need to know is that you are freaking out. Thank yourself for freaking out.
  7. You never have to figure out why you are freaking out. “What am I missing?” You have only one simple goal and task. All it takes is 17 seconds. Can you focus your mind for 17 seconds? Even when you are freaking out? I teach my students to create an Energy First Aid Kit. Prepare yourself to freak out. Distract yourself with something for 17 seconds and you start momentum back toward belief and hope. Here is a visual for what an itty bitty, teeny weeny little step in the right direction can do:

Here are some ideas from others for your own Energy First Aid Kit:

  • Draw an Angel Card (Doreen Virtue has several great decks)
  • Take a brisk walk.
  • Play Carpool Karaoke Video by James Corden
  • Open to a random page of a personal development book and start reading.
  • Take a hot bath
  • Cancel work for the day
  • Spend time alone
  • Make out in the back seat of your car
  • Play your instrument
  • Get an ice cream cone

All you need is 17 seconds. 17 seconds of focused attention on something that distracts you. Abraham Hicks teaches that is when another thought that has the same frequency will come and join it.  You might want to go back and watch that domino video again. This law of momentum is indisputable when the right conditions are met, right?

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