If you are serious about attracting cash and other delicious things into your life, there is only one challenge you have to meet:

Make sure your personal core ENERGY matches your DESIRE. When you are a match, when your desire and your energy match, everything happens!!

Listen to this audio and you will hear the voices of two women whose careers are taking off, plus there are notes on how *Sex Transmutation is connected to LOA.  See if you can catch the passion these women are expressing. Was it easy for them? Did they have to stumble through challenges? What do you think…. Their excitement is contagious!! Check it out!

When you have a deep desire, something inside of you that you want more than anything, life can be challenging.

It may seem like all you do is wait,

and wait,

and wait,

and wait.

If that is you, listen to this: https://fccdl.in/6itr039SQ

Are you curious? Is your energy in harmony with your desires? How do you know? If you are frustrated at your LOA results, your desires may not be at the same frequency as your personal energy. If you think that is you, I am happy to do a quick energy audit so you can find out! Fill out the form below and I will contact you!

*From Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. We held a group experiment in June focusing on chapter *. The results were astounding.

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