Mayim Bialik was recently interviewed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I was mesmerized by this brilliant woman who is even stranger in real life than she is on The Big Bang Theory.

Bialik’s role as Amy seems perfect for her, right? She is great portraying the nerdy scientist in achingly awkward moments with her true love, Sheldon. Amy comes across 100% geeky nerd, right?

Wrong!! Mayim’s character is less weird than she is in real life which spotlights her acting skills in a big way!

Take a look at this interview and watch Mayim explain the difference between geeks and nerds. Colbert, one of my favorite interviewers is masterful matching Bialik’s bluntness with humorous take aways.

I wonder if you feel like I did watching the video, heart aching a little for how tough it must be socially to be this awkward. And thank you, Mayim for your openness, vulnerability and endearing self acceptance.


Being an educator myself, I have a masters degree in communication disorders, I have compassion for elementary school teachers. Teaching a bunch of squirrely kids who are barely toilet trained, sneezing all over you and wanting their mommies half the time is like herding cats on a good day.

Mayim must have been a handful to teach and to parent. Being that intelligent with next to no social skills would have been full of teasing, staring, pointing. Kids are cruel to each other. Many people end up whining about their circumstances. Some never achieve their dreams.

Girling Up

Girling Up

Mayim, who is a real life neuroscientist with a Ph.D following her name, is releasing her newest book, Girling Up: Growing Up Strong, Smart and Spectacular for girls from 8 to 18. This super easy read is good for girls of any age. Covering biology to psychology, Dr. Bialik entertains and inspires with laser like nerdy precision! How did this weird kid grow up to thrive?

I was a weird kid in school. Not as weird as Dr. Mayim Bialik (Isn’t it amazing that she is a real neuroscientist and has the acting talent to act less weird than she is???) but weird I was. I also went to four different elementary schools on my way to a high school where the only two kids from my eighth grade class to attend that school were weirder than me.

Anxiety about math, numbers, bank balances, credit reports all of that stacked on top of me over the years. I faked my way right through life and thought I was broken somehow. I believed that math was impossible to learn. Money matters were always full of anxiety and fear.

I have a Little Small Bang Theory of my own. What if you can get over the anxiety and fears around your school experiences around math? Maybe you would choose to use money in a whole new way. Without anxiety around numbers and calculations, what if your own sense of values could guide your spending logically.

With high anxiety about money and math, it is easy to have a lot of mistaken beliefs about money. Once your anxiety is calmed down, as an adult you get to decide what you want to think about money rather than running around terrified all the time. Here is an outstanding resource for you: 6 Truths About Money That Are Tripping You Up

Watching Mayim be her awkward self with Colbert is delicious. I love that she is 100% comfortable being her nerdy self and even wrote a book from the vantage point of growing up that way. I can’t wait to read it. Thanks Mayim for helping me embrace my inner nerd!

Curious? Click here for a quick Money Energy Quiz and see for yourself if numbers anxiety might be holding you back.


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