Did you ever look at your underperforming financial life as kind of a Money Paralysis? Doesn’t it seem that way? No movement, no flexibility, no end in sight? What would be the symptoms of Money Paralysis? If you have it, what can you do about it? Is Money Paralysis permanent? Hell no!!

No question that after years of LOA and dedicated positive thinking has had SOME results….you wouldn’t hang in there if it didn’t. But where is the change in your financial situation that you long for?

I hear you. Personally, I went through some really scary times while I tried to understand how to get LOA to work in my finances. I found one sure clue that really helped me. One clue that only I could feel. Once I understood that one feeling, everything else changed.

You might be like me. I read my first Law of Attraction book nearly 20 years ago. Pam Grout’s work definitely bumped me in the right direction, but I still needed to actually FEEL the difference between chasing and attracting. I needed to figure out how to reverse the direction of my flow when it comes to money.

That’s right, reverse. Now I see my old habits that repelled money and while I still am in the process (I lived a long time before LOA so I have untangling to do) I am now able to cooperate with Uni and now I get it.

What I learned is that thoughts do not create beliefs. Experience creates beliefs. The magic is creating experiences that convince your mind that a new belief has value and should be chosen. That is what I want to invite you to consider!

Here is a quick quiz you can take so you see if you have Money Paralysis. 

True or False.

Even though I work very hard at keeping my public image of Law of Attraction confidence, these things are still troubling me, true or false:

When an unexpected bill comes, I feel fear.

I have a good job but I am just not satisfied.

I sweat making my mortgage/rent payment.

I work at getting ahead but I can never really make progress.

I act happy when good things happen to my social media friends but secretly I grieve that I can’t have it.

I buy gifts for people when I don’t have money for my own life.

I feel jealous of people whose life looks easier than mine.

Every time I get ahead, a bill comes or something breaks so my money is never ‘fun money.’

I regret a lot of my purchases.

I have garments and goods hanging in my closet with the tags still on them.

I can’t resist a sale or a BOGO offer.

I shop online too much and it is hard to quit.

I have tried everything and I just can’t turn my money life around.

Score: How many True?

0-2  Good for you!! Your Money Vibe is right on target. You are attracting a flow of money and when you need to use it, it is there for you. You also have money left over for fun, travel and charitable giving. I would LOVE to hear your story, please reply and we will set up a time!

3 – 5  You are probably tired of pretending that you are fine. You don’t have the Money Flow issues of some but you still don’t have a lot of free spending money. You bravely put on a happy face and your social media projects success but you still know more is possible.

6 and Up  You are redlining. Your money stress is probably paralyzing you and it is exhausting to keep projecting the image of successful manifesting. You may feel physical sensations when you need money and don’t know where it is coming from. A sick feeling in your belly, a squeeze in your chest, cold sweats or headaches can all go along with stuck money energy. Fill out the contact form below. I definitely want to speak to you. It is no fun to live like this.

Money Paralysis is strangling. Especially when in order to be successful you need to project an image of success on social media. Learning to change your flow and create momentum toward financial freedom is more than possible. It is achievable.


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