Money Shame

Do you have shame about money?

When you were in 3rd and 4th grade, teachers had no idea how to teach you about money.

You may be one of those kids who had a pure panic attack when you first realized you had no idea what the fuck the teacher was talking about. Further, what if you could eliminate math  fears, anxieties and patterns that were part of your early experience with money.

For some people, time and money has no meaning. For some, faking it through math classes, white knuckling it all the way created life long anxiety and shame around spending.

What if tapping on anxiety around HOW you learned about numbers and money could open you up to more satisfying experiences with money in general.

Experiment Purpose:  The purpose of this experiment is to release old hurt feelings and anxiety about money and how the way you were taught about numbers and money, so you can start to create positive sustainable experiences with money instead.

Experiment Parameters: Three weeks of focused intent on dissolving past hurt feelings around money as well as laying out a blueprint for your new money future.  Receive actual statements you will use daily to change your money mindset.

Ideal Participant: Ideal experiment participant is someone who has knowledge of the Law of Attraction for a few years and can manifest lots of great stuff, just not money. People who suspect a lack mentality or scarcity mindset could be holding success at bay. Life long anxiety about money and/or spending.

Time Investment: 3 one hour lab sessions. April 29, May 6 and May 13 starting at 9 am pst/11 am cst/noon est (All calls will be recorded for your convenience)

Weekly 30 Minute Tapping Session to Melt Blocks To Financial Flow

  • Group Tapping Sessions are moving old math education fears, anxieties and patterns right out of the way.
  • Each Session is 30 minutes
  • You receive recording to download and review on your own time

Followed by 30 minute Flingo Session to Reframe Your Money Story

  • Immediately following Tapping Call, meet in Messenger to Play Flingo
  • Learn how to stop complaining (telling it like it is)
  • Practice talking about money with neutral energy
  • Learn how to tell the truth about your current situation without drama

Lab Fee: FREE for members of the Winner’s Circle. This is just one example of the types of games and experiments included with Membership in the Winner’s Circle.

money tapping

Free Your Money With Tapping

Winner’s Circle Membership is $11.11 per month, Click here to join:  Register Here 

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