Money Breakthrough Mastermind

Don’t you wish you could see faster results when it comes to manifesting money?

Do you ever wonder why making progress with money seems to go slower than other manifestations?

If your financial life has been stuck in neutral with no traction, you may have Money Paralysis. No movement, no progress…paralysis.

If you have tried every affirmation, vision board, Abraham Hicks Seminar, read every book on Law of Attraction and listened to every book and training program you have seen on Facebook, I bet you are sick and tired of all of it. Plus if a straight jacket of doubt and fear have you captured, how do you free yourself?

Until I read Pam Grout’s work, I also was stuck in neutral, spinning my wheels and sliding all over the road. Now that I know how to feel the vibration of money and how to leverage it, everything has changed. I used to have Money Paralysis, now I have Money Flow. This is what I want to teach you before 2017 ends.

Here is how it works.

During 6 consecutive weeks, you will have a Money Freedom Immersion Experience like no other. You will learn new ways of looking at money and more importantly, you will finally feel relief from the habits of thought that are keeping money just out of reach.  Here are just a few of the Money Attraction Concepts you will learn:

How to use detachment to raise your money magnetism.

How to tell the difference between words that repel people and words that draw people closer.

How to be in the right place at the right time.

How to use Sex Transmutation to raise your money vibe.

How to feel a strong Hell Yes in your gut when you need to make money decisions.

How to feel the vibration of money.

How to retell the story of your past money life so you don’t continue to live out the past.

Curious? I hope so. I am determined to help as many people as I can get their Money Magnetism turned on operating in their lives!

To do so, you need to have as much access to me as possible. I want to be able to answer every question you have. I want you to feel secure and supported as your Money Vibration shifts into gear and your momentum finally moves forward. I want to hold your hand every step of the way.


Exclusive Money Breakthrough Mastermind

  • 6 weekly Live Money Energy Mastery Training Calls with Worksheets
  • Recordings and Lab Sheets for each week
  • Private Community for direct Q&A with Catherine
  • Weekly Experiment to change your Financial Frequency and tune in to Wealth Vibe

Ready to make a change?

This program is not for sissies and crybabies, LOL. This is a fast-paced, get it in a hurry, move the needle on your money manifesting gauge passion party.

I hope you see yourself when you read this material and I hope you know I am looking for YOU! The next Money Breakthrough Mastermind kicks off on February 20th, time to be announced (no worries, all calls are recorded for your download convenience.) All 6 training calls are recorded so you don’t need to be on the calls live to participate. The power of our Money Vortex will carry each and every one of us to the next level of Money Magnetism!

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