ANN ARBOR MI – AUG 13: A woman holds up a sign at a rally in solidarity with the counter-protesters of Charlottesville VA in Ann Arbor MI on August 13 2017.

The recent events in the US involving racism and bigotry are sobering and a huge challenge for us positive thinkers. How can you find a way to detach from the violent language coming from the White House? How can you go day to day the Pam Grout way when faced with such hard evidence of “reality” hammering at you from all sides? How would Abraham Hicks instruct you to proceed?

Here is how.

The magic is in detachment. It took me 18 months of working at the pet cemetery to learn how to detach. I had no option. One day, 12 families brought their dead pets into our crematory. Twelve sad families. I had to quickly take the information, allow them a tearful good bye and then take their pet into the back. I learned to do it gracefully and lovingly.

Little did I know that my time at the cemetery would prepare me for leading a thriving group of manifesters determined to succeed. I believe with all my heart that the Art of Detachment is the secret sauce. Want to see? I picked the most polarizing person I could think of to demonstrate.

Normally, I do not pick sides. I am a believer in unity and collaboration. Rarely do I speak publically about my political feelings. However. This week, I can’t bite my tongue enough. I have issues with the White House. I am dealing with thoughts that are not comfortable and I want to demonstrate how I walk myself through an undeniable “negative reality” into a more self-beneficial mindset.

Yes, I said self-beneficial. If you harbor ill will, annoyance, irritation, frustration or anger toward a person, even though they deserve it, your manifesting power disappears. Every time. Read along while I translate my thoughts from anger into something that simply serves me. I want to express my feelings, I just don’t want to be part of the problem.

Here is how I can express my feelings. I am 100% certain I don’t want to be part of the problem.

Even though Trump is a (Fill in the blank with your favorite expletive), I have to find a way to detach from it.

Even though it is embarrassing to have a president who has no filter, I need to find a way to detach.

Up until now I have been doing pretty well keeping a sense of humor about President Orange, but today I was angry at his comments about Charlottesville.

Up until now, I have maintained my sense of humor, but today I was angry to hear Trump support racism.

Even though I have strong feelings today, I do know that my role on the planet is not to fix Trump.

Up until now, I didn’t realize how powerful the Law of Detachment is and how much fun it is to be able to express and detach.

Even though it is embarrassing to have some of the political leaders we must accept, I can choose to turn to Source, Divine or Universe every time I am upset.

Even though it can be intimidating to trust Source when wild beasts of men are running around willy nilly, I do know that in my life at this minute, I make a bigger difference on the planet staying focused on Unity and Love than I would if I focus on any other human.

Detachment is Freedom

Detachment is Freedom

Up until now something like this would piss me off for weeks and now I realize that the best revenge is spreading more love, so, that is what I am going to do.

Even though there are some things that are hard to live through on the political scene, I am happy and relieved that I have the choice of what I think about. Yes, I do.

If you are overwhelmed with frustration, ill will, annoyance, resentment or fear, your manifesting power could be stopped dead in its tracks. Learning to detach from the poor choices of others is key to getting your power back.

Pam Grout, Abraham Hicks, and others teach again and again that it is not TRUMP who is the problem (Nothing happening is the problem) it is your THOUGHTS about Trump that is causing your misery. Choose detachment and you choose life. Then, get on a committee, join a community with a positive mission to change our country. Use your true heart and power to make a difference.

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