Since starting the Money Makeover Experiment you are sending me stories that are too good not to share!!  You can’t imagine how thrilling it is for me to see the Manifest Faster Mission attracting people from all over the world! Check this out:

Dear Catherine,

I try to keep it as short as possible. So much I would love to tell you. A couple of years ago I bought E-Squared. Loved it, tried a few experiments which worked more or less. Mostly less.

Also read a book from a German author about orders to the universe which is like 8 or 9 years ago. Pam mentioned this book as well. There I got in touch with LOA for the first time but it was all so “spooky.” I am a scientific minded person and this all seemed silly.

Then 2 years ago I read E-Squared again. Love Pam! Then E3-Cubed. Also great! When it comes to the Money Energy Quiz, if I am unable to deal with numbers, I am not that scared person, I feel no tension. I can go through the supermarket and can see the real bargains. I am not a typical number Analphabet as you described.


Still The Pam Grout Experiment Money Experiment is made for me. (To be try click here: Pam Grout Money Experiment) I love it! The first day (which was the second of your experiment already as I started one day later) I received a new shirt from my boyfriend (worth 40 EUR/Dollar), wine from my mom and a 320,- EUR (almost same in Dollar) back from our heating company (the last one was for both of us – my boyfriend and me – so I might say half of it) – wow! The next day I had a coaching session for free, almost worth 120,- Dollar.

Day 3 (yesterday) I was already a bit disappointed as my list was still quite empty till the evening. And then suddenly my neighbor (an elderly woman) was standing in front a me with a huge flower bouquet. We almost had not contact at all during the last 2 years. But now and then I received a package for her from the post/UPS when she was not home and gave it to her later. It was maybe 2-3 times. So she wanted to say thank you.

It was nothing that I did, really. And I never expected that to come. Was so touched that my eyes welled up. She saw it and said “that shows you are a good person”. I still start to cry while writing this, still so touched. Was like an Angel appeared to say “Silke, You Are Loved!” Thank you universe. Thank you Angels.

Today my luggage arrived. It got lost on my way home from my short vacation last Sunday. I was not too sad or worrying when it happened. I trusted that there is a reason. So I could travel the rest by train without this heavy suitcase. During the last days I got a bit sad as there where my best dresses in there (you don’t go to a five star hotel in jumpsuits…).

I said to myself it will arrive. And yes, today it came by post. I was thanking every single dress before putting it into the washing machine (yes, I tend to be a bit crazy from time to time) and it felt so good. All together it was worth like 1000 to 1500 EUR/Dollar. When it would have been really lost, the flight company would have paid. But I don’t have to do the work to do the claim and wait weeks to get the money back. I have all my dresses back and this is wonderful!

Wow, this was an email At least I tried to keep it short. 😉 Was just not possible.

I have to thank you so much for being there. For sending this wonderful newsletters. You do a great job. Really. As an Angel said to me yesterday – you are a good person. Always remember that. 🙂 If my emails helps you a little, too, I am happy and grateful.

Looking so much to hearing / reading from you soon.
All the best, Silke xxx

P.S.: Sorry if my English is not the best. I hope that you get what I would like to say.

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