Money Surprise

Money Surprises Are Delicious!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could manifest yourself a couple of hundred dollars a month of spending money?

What if money appeared out of the blue so you could use it to take someone special to dinner, buy yourself a new gizmo or to hop on a plane to visit a friend. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Well, I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?

Bad news? Ok…here you go. Sometimes Uni (That is what I call the Universe) surprises you with something that costs you nothing at all. Why is that bad news? Because the thing the Uni brings may seem not as valuable to you as the money you desire so badly.

Little did I know that when I was “trying hard to manifest $500 for rent,” that a hot air balloon ride would appear on the scene. It is not easy to admit it but I actually thought, “Gee, Uni, thanks but I really do need rent.”

When you are living the Law of Attraction way, there is a flow (Abraham calls it The Vortex) and really fun things happen when you are in that flow. This is really good news! The biggest challenge for determined people who want the LOA to work for them is to detach from the desire to manifest money itself.

What? If you think that sounds whacky…keep reading.

Wealthy people do not walk around dreaming of creating stacks of money. Their piles of money accumulate because of specific thoughts, beliefs and actions steps they are conditioned to live by.

You, as a Wealthy Person In Training, have the urgency and the desire to shake up your money vibration and get the Uni to bring you some spending money, I can just tell.

Because of that urgency and the end of the year coming as quickly as it is, you are invited to a very special complimentary call this Monday Night, October 23, 2017 where I am going to teach the three most powerful tools I have for shifting your Money Vibration.

Not only do I use these three tools on a regular basis in my own LOA life, I teach them to my elite private clients. Now it is time to teach them to you while I am previewing the content for the Money Energy Mastermind, a 60-day intensive designed to blast through out-dated and artificial beliefs you have about money. I will tell more about that on the call.

So what is your action step? Simple, sign up here and I will send you the recording of “How To Get The Universe To Bring You Some Spending Money” Training call. See you on the other side!


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