Free Ticket Anyone?

What if you were the first person your friends think of when they have something fun to do?

What if someone needed a companion for his mom to travel and asked you?

Wouldn’t it be fun to meet other Abraham Hicks and Pam Grout fans to socialize with?

That is what the Thursday night How To Be Desirable teletrainings are all about. All most every single thing that you are desiring from the Universe will come to you through, wait for it….


That’s right. It could happen, though unlikely, I mean dollars could float down from the sky on your way to work tomorrow. The exact amount you need for rent. LOL. But more likely, an unexpected opportunity or accidental meeting may quietly present itself to you. If you learn to be in RECEPTIVE MODE, you will manifest faster.

If you find people annoying, If your family gets on your last nerve, If you are filled with anger and frustration at the politicians in the news then getting to that RECEPTIVE ZONE (otherwise known as The Vortex or The FP) is going to be a ginormous challenge

How To Be Desirable is all about ushering you into that juicy Receptive Mode quickly and easily. Every week we will dive in and experience Tapping and other energy processes you can take home and experiment with for the week. As you become more pleasant and unaffected by circumstances around you, the more desirable you become!

This teletraining meets weekly on Thursdays at 5:30 pm pst/7:30 cst/8:30 est. All trainings are recorded for you to download in case you can’t be on the calls live.

Lab Fee: FREE for members of the Winner’s Circle. This is just one example of the types of games and experiments included with Membership in the Winner’s Circle.

money tapping

Free Your Money With Tapping

Winner’s Circle Membership is $11.11 per month, Click here to join:  Register Here

and for you bargain hunters:

Special Offer for New Members:  3 Months for $19.99  Click here for special

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