Are you a little frustrated with LOA?

Low Money Set Point

Low Manifesting Money Set Point?

I got a question today from someone who has been waiting for their financial freedom for a really long time. Can you relate? You may adore Pam Grout and Abraham but in your heart of hearts you think to yourself, really? What am I missing?

Here are symptoms of a low money set point:

Signs that your Money Manifesting Set Point Is Set Too Low

  1. Next to no flow in your cash flow.
  2. Friendships are unfulfilling.
  3. Social invitations are rare.
  4. Too much time on Facebook.
  5. Procrastination.
  6. Next to no flow in your cash flow.
  7. Not enough romance in your life
  8. Overall sluggishness or lethargy.

Here’s a quick little formula that can help you figure out why you are manifesting so slowly.

How to Find Your Manifesting Set Point

1. Get your calculator.

2. Multiply your age by 12. For example,  if you are 40, multiply 40 times 12.

3. How many years have you studied LOA and applied the processes at least 3 times a week?

4. Multiply that number by 12. For example,  if you started Law of Attraction processes 1 year ago, your number would be 12. If you have been practicing actively for 4 years, your number would be 48, 10 years, your number would be 120.  [CRITICAL NOTE: You need to be stone cold honest with yourself to get your true set point. Active use of LOA is using the tools at least 3 times a week, every week.]

5. Your result from number 4 is your Manifesting Set Point. The bigger the spread between your set point and the number from number 2, the more frustrated you probably are.

What next?

1.You can’t change the fact that Law of Attraction appeared on the scene so late in your life. But, you can change your expectations. If you have a very low Money Manifesting Set Point, you will find a lot of relief when you ease back on what you are trying to manifest.


2. Choose an LOA book, I love Ask and It Is Given by Abraham Hicks and of course, E Squared by Pam Grout. Both of those books are exquisitely practical. Start engaging with these materials right away. Engaging with them? YES!! LOA needs for you to do more than read these books. You need to use the tools. Pam Grout has studied these materials, especially A Course in Miracles for over 35 years. Do the math on that one….that’s quite a set point, isn’t it? (If you want to know mine, leave me a request in the comments!)


3. Choose to live this way. I use these processes every day. LOA is a life style for me, not something I read about. If Money is your big challenge, here is a tool for you! Check


If you think you may have a money block and you are not sure, you probably do. Email me and we can set up a chat so I can explain how to identify a block in 15 minutes or less. No lie.

It's easy!

It’s easy!


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