99% of the readers of my blog do not need coaching.*

In 2015, when I read E-Squared, I came face to face with my own unwillingness to allow the Universe it’s way with me. I love how Pam Grout said that in one of her books. “I want to let the Universe have it’s way with me.” As flowery as that sounds, it rings a big fat BULLSHIT on the truth meter for many.

Even today, I am still cracking up and clearing the itty bitty blocks that Uni (that’s what I call Universe for short) is bringing to my attention. Slowly, ever so slowly, I am opening my tight little fist and letting go of what I used to think was delicious to me. My tastes are definitely changing, yet I still hesitate to “let the Uni have it’s way with me.”

That being said, when I got an inner nudge to post an awkward adolescent photo of myself in my private chat room, a part of me literally froze in fear. Took me by surprise but, I am so used to fantastic things unfolding when I do follow these inner nudges, I ran to my old photos in search of the perfect one.

As I got ready to post, my finger literally shook in the air over the send button. Dare I do this. YES! Hell yes. Why not!!! So I did. It felt so freeing to do it. I had an overwhelming aha. A part of me has always been terrified someone would see this picture. Who knows why, it doesn’t matter. I was SO curious why the Uni would nudge me this way.

When I posted it and looked at my 14 year old self, out there for every tom, dick and harry to see, something happened in me. Universe showed up in a major way for me. I know this sounds simple. I know all those years of coaching should have taught me, but I had to feel it for myself.

I finally really get that no one cares how many freckles I have, how flat chested I was or how unruly my hair was. So I post this picture today for the world, or my little corner of it to see.


Catherine at 14

Now back to the 99% of the readers of my blog do not need coaching part….

How do I know this?

It is rather simple really, most of my followers followed someone else first. Whether it was Pam Grout, Deepak Chopra or Dr. Wayne Dyer, most personal development fans know exactly what works best for them when it comes to peak performance.

You may love yoga, running, drawing, meditating, bike riding, hiking, sex, bowling, spending time on Facebook (not TOO much time, LOL) or spending time in nature. Most people who have been reading and studying personal development for years, know what makes them feel better and then of course, achieve more.

They don’t need a coach. They could BE a coach, for Pete’s sake.

What most people reading this article need is motivation to do what they know damn well will help them. Can you relate? I just had a client hire me to work with her daily in mini-sessions for 30 days. She asked for an experiment to see if daily meditation morning and night with daily tapping could change her situation.

Even though she is pretty sure she knows the answer to that one, she needs the kick in the ass to make sure it gets done. It is not coaching that she needs. What she needed was Limiting Belief Relief. What is it in her mind that is “limiting” her when it comes to her meditation practice.

Can you relate? Do you resist coaching? Did you ever think that the Universe may actually support your desire for no more coaching? Haven’t you read every book, tried every technique, rolfed yourself, TMed yourself, reiki-ed yourself, essential oiled yourself, vision quested yourself, iawaska-ed yourself and self-helped yourself silly?

Aren’t there still stubborn blocks that won’t leave no matter what you try?

Well, I hear you. I am just like you, just a couple of steps down the road ahead. I have no earthly idea why Pam Grout picked my story of the thousands she collects every day. Random chance? Everything from MY years and years of personal development work and hundreds of dollars of money spent on coaching screams out NO, it couldn’t have been random chance.

Remember, you don’t need coaching. You just need to do something to make sure you do what you already know will work. If your block is breaking your back, you may need an assist. You can remove a limiting belief in 15 minutes or less with the exact right process.

You might just find the Limiting Belief Relief Session just what the doctor ordered for times when you can’t blast through a block on your own. Fifteen minutes personalized tapping. Fast and furious and life changing. Can you solve all in 15 minutes, of course not, but you can speed up your manifesting by dissolving block after block after block.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This process is only helpful if you have tried to remove the block on your own and you still feel stuck.

Here is your registration link:

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