Help my mind is split!!

Stop trying to attract money? WTF?

You read correctly….

The reality is, you DON’T want MONEY. What you say? It is the truth! Think about it, don’t you really want the stuff that money will buy?

This is a simple truth worth your consideration.

Once you get this key principle and begin to release your insistence on your abundant life showing up in heaps of dollar bills, you can step into the flow of what money provides. Does money show up too, oh yes, does it ever! But, you must stop trying to manifest stacks of paper money!!

This is the strangest and most wonderful part of the magical process of the Law of Attraction

Creating the group coaching calls lights me up! I love how strong the energy is on the calls and the stories that come in from the people who simply try out these ideas are delicious!!! If you are curious how 30 minutes of tips and processes make such a big difference, check out this story I just got this week:

So. I bought this kind of expensive headsets that were waterproof so I could meditate in the sauna.
Few weeks ago lost one of the rubber covers that go into the ear so I couldn’t use them anymore. I went back to Best Buy and the guys told me that the only way would be to buy a new pair. 

Not happy with this I write the company,  explained what happened and I sent them a picture of the headsets and the missing side. I said..I am not writing to get free stuff, just tell me how or where to buy that little piece because I love this product so much that I won’t give up on trying!! Lol.

The company not only treated me like I was the last coca cola over the dessert but also because they appreciate my business,  SENT ME 2 PAIRS FOR FREE…IN DIFFERENT COLORS!!! now I have $90 worth on this amazing product….

Love this stuff…seriously…without event expecting it but just appreciating the product…the universe brought me what I wanted!!!!

There are many times when the $90 could have been spent on something important. The Universe decided that rather than $90 in cash, that Cecelia should have color coordinated earbuds. This is the strangest and most wonderful part of the magical process of the Law of Attraction. As you tune in to your core vibration and turn it up as you focus on your true desire, the strangest things show up…

Like a mountain side retreat.

The View From My Window

What about you? Have you ever tried to calculate the real money value of all gifts that come to you? Try it for one week. Calculate or estimate every gift. Count every bit of found money. See what amount the universe brings to you and leave it in a comment below. I bet you will find that you are already streaming money to yourself!!!

Learn To Stream Money

PS. Look what I received not 30 minutes from publishing this post:

Hi Catherine

What a great article. I’ve been taking Tango classes and the studio is now offering two types of swing classes, Jazz and one step. I didn’t know which one to choose and they are both on the same night, one right after the other.
So I emailed the owner and said, which would you suggest for a rank beginner? She said, why don’t you take both the first night and choose for yourself? I’ll only charge you for one class.
voila, a free class just like that.
I would have passed that over if it hadn’t been for your article!
Big hugs,

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