Magical Money Machine

The Magical Money Machine

How To Build Your Money Magnetism

Every time you shed part of your old story…
ou become more magnetic to your desires.

Detachment is the Secret Sauce.


  1. Set an intention to detach from your old money story of the moment and let go of any energy that is ready to go.
  2. Don’t tell this story to anyone else, let the Magical Money Machine transmute your old story to MAGNETISM so your attraction to money gets stronger.
  3. The easiest way to start is to act as if you are writing an email to the Universe. Follow this pattern:  Dear Uni, I don’t get this. I am doing everything right. I read Abraham, I tap, I don’t complain, well I do my best. I am more positive than anyone I know. How much longer do I have to wait.
  4. Repeat your intention and hit the Detach Button.
  5. Repeat as often as you need to until Money begins to flow.

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