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When it comes to creating the life of your dreams, do you have a story like this running in your head?

I have to work hard to get ahead. My life is depending on me. I need to work everyday to keep all the balls in the air. I feel lazy if I am not working. “If the Law of Attraction is not working, it is because I am not trying hard enough. I have to say a few more affirmations, make a new vision board, stay in the Vortex, etc. etc. etc. I must not be good enough. I must have to take a new class. I have to read a new book. I need something else or someone else to teach me what to do next. I guess I just don’t have what it takes to be successful.

Do you have a story from your past that has a sting on it?

Does your past include abuse, cruelty, bad luck, financial collapse, loss of employment, marital difficulty, parenting issues, low self esteem, confused sexual identity and other deeply painful events? Circumstances from the past can leave you with “Victim Energy” that can slow your manifesting speed to a crawl.

Do You Wish YOU Could Manifest Faster?

Take this quick quiz:

  1. I am familiar with and/or use the Law of Attraction.
  2. I have read E-Squared and wish I could manifest like Pam Grout.
  3. I feel like I can never get what I want even though I believe and use the Law of Attraction.
  4. I can manifest small things like pennies and parking spots but I struggle to succeed with bigger things.
  5. I want to know how to use the Law of Attraction to grow my business, find love or find financial freedom.
  6. I have some drama and trauma in my past that still makes me cringe when I think about it.
  7. I am tired of pretending that I am fine and that the Law of Attraction is bringing me everything I need.
  8. I want to manifest faster.
  9. I am ready for big changes in my life, career and relationships.
  10. I want my life to be filled with joy, fun, love and lots and lots of evidence that I am a powerful deliberate creator.

If you can say yes to 3 or more of these questions, your first step is to register here for your free LOA Kit, including Three Steps To Faster Manifesting with a bonus Manifesting Speed Quiz.

Manifesting Faster is all about alignment.

Alignment is the actual physical felt sense of ease and relief.

Vibrational Harmony – When you experience the felt sense of ease and relief at the same time you are thinking about what has not yet manifested.

When you are in alignment it is not that you attract more positive people and opportunities into your life, though you surely will, the real life changer is that you attract the more positive side of the people you already deal with in your daily life.

A Manifest Faster Session creates the physical sensation of magnetism you need to ramp up your manifesting speed. Learn what it feels like to be in Vibrational Harmony, your most magnetic state.

Think how relieved and delighted you will be when you know:

  1. Magic words that work every time to instantly transform complaining victim energy into a creative force working for your good.
  2. How to recognize when you need to change your story.
  3. Why it is CRITICAL to change how you talk about perpetrators in your past.
  4. How to shift your mood as easily as you switch stations on your car radio.
  5. How to use your cell phone as a Law of Attraction Accelerator.
  6. How to create a partnership with another deliberate creator to maximize Law of Attraction results for both of you.

What other successful manifesters are saying:

“I have never used a technique that has worked faster to change my mindset. My significant other tells me I am softer and more approachable. Now I am constantly looking for stories to reframe. I love this work.” Judy B.

“I’ve been able to recognize when I’m being hijacked and I’ve learned to remove myself from the situation. And then that’s when the story or tape will run. Learning to reframe the story has been liberating. Even though the tape may start to run, I now that I can turn the tape player off. I don’t have to listen to that crap anymore. I can reframe and move on.” Edwina G.

“I loved that in Catherine’s coaching sessions I didn’t have to verbalize past burdens. Rather Catherine teaches a variety of solutions and shares resources in releasing those burdens, while refining – or in my case developing – emotional independence. It is my fifth week with Catherine and the relationship with myself supersedes the relationship that led me to her to begin with. In fact, I know the future of my romantic relationships is now entirely within my control.” Anita R.

Imagine if you could tune into the vibration of success that is already resonating in your own body. Just because you can’t feel it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there! Catherine will help you tap into your highest manifesting potential. For More Info:


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