Sex Is My Muse



What does sex have to do with it?

Who could have possibly predicted that this little Catholic girl would grow up to seriously consider making pornographic videos to survive. It sure wasn’t Plan A to be forced to face life alone at 60 carrying the financial burden of two unemployed years following cancer treatment and recovery. How did a book written in 1937 play such a pivotal role in making a successful new life?

How in the world did sex become the gateway to a flourishing happy life? How in three quick years did this little lady go from having nothing to having a home in the mountains of San Diego, a thriving tech business that she runs from home and countless travel and other luxury experiences?

And all of this true of a single grandmother?

Sex is Indeed my muse. Learning to turn myself on whenever I want has changed everything for me. Separating sex from love radically adjusted my life. It all started in on February 14, 2014. My life got redirected by a beautiful rascal of a man 17 years younger. I learned what my body is capable of and I never looked back. Studying and applying the eleventh chapter of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is one of my favorite things to do. Living out the power of Sex Transmutation continues to open door after door.

Curious? Take this quick quiz and see if sex might not be a great muse for you too:

The Sex Transmutation Quiz
Answer True or False

1. I am unfamiliar with the concept of Sex Transmutation.

2. I am introverted.

3. My sex life is dependent on the skills of my partner.

4. My friends would call me a charismatic person.

5. I am frequently misunderstood in my professional and personal relationships.

6. I consistently sabotage my success.

7. I would describe my financial or relationship as being “stuck.”

8. I have compulsive spending or steep credit card debt.

9. I haven’t had a delicious sexual experience in a very long time.

10. I am perfectionistic.

Here is how to score your quiz. Count how many Trues you have. If you have 3 or more true, your sexual energy could be blocking your success. (And before you get all hot and bothered, it has nothing to do with boinking or orgasms). Your sexual energy is much more important than that. What is your next step? Reach out on the form below to schedule a consultation!

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