Do you know you can actually repel success?

Clearing Your Blocked Creative Energy Is The Only Way!


Your Winner’s Circle Membership, valued at well over $400, is yours for 11.11 per month and includes:

*Membership in Catherine’s Private Chat Room – The Lounge – Available 24/7 this live stream is a meeting place for manifesters all over the globe to come together and create. Modeled after the first class lounges at airports, the Manifest Faster Lounge is the place for LOA Travelers to stop in to rest and refresh while on their way to their manifestations!

*Free Monthly 30 minute Manifest Faster Training – include LOA Experiments, Special Topics calls, Moon Rituals, and Expert Interviews.

Here is a sample training call:
Are You Allergic To Abundance?

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*Free Weekly Games. FLINGO is the hot new game to accelerate your manifesting powers by changing how you tell the story of your hurts, disappointments and setbacks. Other games include PIMP MY BRAIN, The Random Page Game and many others played in my 24/7 chat room, The Lounge. Every block you dissolve, you become more magnetic.

*Free Recordings of All Classes – are posted on my Private Facebook Page accessible only to my members so that you can listen at your convenience and never miss a class!

*Free Law of Attraction Coaching. Every training call there is an opportunity for a volunteer to sit in the spotlight to receive one on one coaching. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to be in the spotlight to learn or practice an LOA technique!

* Free Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practice Labs – Strengthen your EFT Energy Tapping Skills.

*Free Email Coaching – What is Email Coaching? It means you can email me directly with questions or when you need a little encouragement in a tough spot. Either myself or someone on my staff will get back to you as soon as possible. Just knowing you are connected raises your point of attraction!

*Free Manifest Faster Resources on Facebook Page – Enjoy the community of Manifest Faster Members on Facebook. I love engaging with the members and appreciate the great stories people share there!

Full Winner’s Circle Membership Benefits are

Yours today for only $11.11 per month!

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Three Month Winner’s Circle Membership Special – $19.99

For New Members Only

Monthly Champion’s Circle Membership –

All Benefits Of Winner’s Circle

PLUS 3 Super Magnetizers Per Month

$99 per month

$249 for three months

Single Super Magnetizer Session

Identify and Dissolve One Block
15 minutes for $39.99

One on One 90 Minute Consultation with Catherine –

Manifestation Consultations, Personalized Law of Attraction Services, Private Tapping Services


Manifest Faster Exclusive Personalized 30 Day Experiment – Designed Especially For Your Needs

* Personalized to your particular needs
* Includes all of the benefits of the Winner’s Circle Membership



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When you are not sure about creating your desire or it gives you pause, you are feeling resistance to it. One way of countering this resistance is to ask yourself why you don’t feel comfortable or why you are responding that way. Many times, it will be due to the fact that you are just not comfortable with transitioning into the new and unfamiliar. You are not comfortable with letting go of the old thoughts/associations that feel comfortable to you. But once you recognize that the familiar was once new and that likewise, you can get comfortable with what you want, then you will find relief about your desire.

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