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In February of 2015, I found E-Squared, by Pam Grout. Something about her smart-ass, in your face writing style grabbed my attention. Sure some of the information felt simplistic. “I already know this.” I heard myself thinking.

I “met” Abraham Hicks while watching The Secret many years ago.

I love watching Abe You Tubes and have read tons of books between then and now, how could these simple experiments make that much of a difference?

Right before the 48 hours was up, I got my blessing.

Yet, there was something irresistible about the idea of EXPERIMENTS. Something inside of me lifted up its discouraged little head and woke up.

I was recently divorced and on a mission to rebuild my reserves and move on in style. On my own financially and 62 years old, I was having a helluva time keeping my eyes off my very big challenges. I refused to give up but I was worn out, stressed and stretched trying to figure out where to turn.

Pam’s first experiment, The Dude Abides, in E-Squared really appealed to me. She challenged me to say to the Universe, “OK, Universe, here’s the deal. I am sick and tired of hearing rumors about how you show up and manifest real things for people. I want to see sure evidence that I can use my thought energy to manifest something concrete, undeniable.” Pam includes Lab Sheets in the book and I filled it out writing down the time, date and intention of the experiment. The experiment is to last 48 hours.

Was I skeptical? Absolutely.

The first thing that happened was that my neighborhood Starbucks was offering samples of my fave treat, lemon pound cake. Nice, I thought to myself, but that could be a coincidence. Could happen any day. It was not my sign. In the first experiment, Pam asks you to devote 48 hours to looking for evidence of the energy you’ve heard so much about. ask the universe to show you proof of its existence in the form of a blessing within the constraints of the time you’ve provided.

I had asked for a blessing that would be way outside of anything I could excuse away as a coinkidink.

Right before the 48 hours was up, I got my blessing. A friend of mine, someone I have known for 10 years, texted me and asked, “Do you want to come over tomorrow night for pizza and wine?” It was the first time she had ever invited me to her house. I knew to my core it was my blessing, special delivery from the Universe, or as Pam calls it, the F.P.

Experiments Change Your Manifesting For Good!

Experiments let you “capture” time. By fencing in your energy for a time so you can focus your intentions and desires, you can figure out what works and what doesn’t. If something doesn’t manifest, you can change your approach. That’s what experiments are for! You try them, adjust them and try them again!

Want to try? The Money Makeover Experiment might be just what you are looking for. This experiment will use Tapping (EFT) to dissolve fears and doubts about $$$$ as well as teach you the words you can start using immediately to change your financial frequency.

Curious? Do you cringe at the thought of “money”? Does it seem as if you are “allergic” to money? Do you feel like money actually runs away from you? Can you resonate with any of these Money Stories?

Examples of Resistant Money Stories:

  • My grandparents lost the family’s fortune in the depression
  • I owe the IRS back taxes.
  • My unemployment runs out next month and I don’t know what I am going to do.
  • I have to work three jobs and still can’t get ahead.
  • I need a new job but have no time to go out and look for one.
  • By time I pay for my child care, I am making nothing.

Here is your chance to jump into an experiment right now. Make like Nike and Just Do It!

The Pam Grout Experiment – Get Off Your Duff and DO a Money Experiment!

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