Sex Energy Is Different Than Sexual Activity

Napoleon Hill had some radical ideas in his time. One of the most controversial and even embarrassing for people to talk about is “Sex Transmutation.” Maybe it is because of all the movies late at night where Mutant Aliens ate the world, but I never warmed up to the term “transmutation”, even though Mr. Hill devoted a whole chapter to it. (Chapter 11 Sex Transmutation)

Because I am a writer, I suppose I am more curious than the average person, so I set up a lot of experiments in my life. I can thank Pam Grout for that. She wrote a whole book teaching how to set up Law of Attraction Experiments. E-Squared is fun and easy and for yours truly, was the backbone for a lot of very cool living over the last 4 years.

When I was invited on the first free cruise (that’s right I said FIRST) it was like winning the lotto. I bought a car from a great younger guy who was very kind and respectful helping me to get all the paperwork taken care of. Little did I know that same young man would contact me 18 months later and ask me to accompany his wonderful mom on a Caribbean Cruise, no kidding.

Pam Grout, author of E-Squared and Thank and Grow Rich, teaches that the more you stay open to what is going on around you instead of stretching ahead to get into frustration, the more you tend to be in the right place at the right time. What does all of this have to do with sex? Simple. Napoleon Hill interviewed the most successful people he could find who maintained their wealth through the market crash in 1929.

Sex was an undeniable part of the equation. Highly successful people tend to have higher than average libidos. But it is more than that. Napoleon Hill hints at a deeper application of “Sex Energy” in Chapter 11 of the original version and chapter 8 in the 1967 version). That is the mystery of Sex Transmutation.

Last summer I re-read Think and Grow Rich and I realized that I always skipped the chapter on sex. I was uncomfortable and didn’t understand it. This time, I decided to ponder the idea. What in the world is transmutation? That’s when the ice cube idea came to me. Ice Cubes, Water, and Steam are all made out of the same elements. What makes them different are the surroundings and the conditions.  When they change form, it is transmutation. The same elements rearranged and presenting as different forms.

Then, Sex Transmutation made sense to me. When I look at a very successful public figure like Oprah, Michelle Obama or Ellen DeGeneres, they overflow with self-confidence and charisma. What if, my curious mind inquired, what if self-confidence and charisma were transmuted sexual energy?

What if sexual pleasure and seduction are one form, self-confidence was another and the third of the trio was charisma. That is quite a package. Movie stars, TV personalities, and athletes all tend to be over the top in all three. The #MeToo campaign illustrates the power such people can wield on the job and in their relationships.

Learning to leverage sex energy is separate from your sex life (or lack of if that is the case). If you are painfully shy, consider yourself introverted or have experienced sexual harassment, you have special challenges.

What if your life experiences have frozen your sex energy into place? On a scale of 1 to 10, how self-confident do you feel?  There are floods of confusion physical feelings and relationship ideas around sex between 13 and 23, a part of you is deer in the headlights everytime a cool person stands in front of you.

Deer in the headlights equals FROZEN, like Ice, right? That is when the idea of the Charisma Creator Master Class popped into my mind.

In order to transmute my own frozen charisma and self-confidence, I found the conditions that were keeping them frozen. If you want to change ice to steam, it has to be melted. If you want to change ice to water, it has to be melted. In order to change your frozen money (I mean frozen sex energy) situation, SOMETHING just might need to be melted, like it was for me.

One thing I know for sure. The fire is hotter when there are lots of pieces of wood stacked up in just the right order. I am collecting a group of Money Breakthrough Warriors to blaze through old ideas holding abundance just out of reach.  Before you go farther, take this quiz and see if you resonate with the idea of frozen sexual energy, if you are resonant with these old but super powerful principles, I would love to have you on board.  Think and Grow Rich is still the number 6 ranked book on business best sellers in the United States and there is a chapter on sex in it, hmmmm:


You will receive more information as soon as you receive your quiz results. If your sex energy is frozen, I would love to have you join me and learn how to melt through the obstacles holding back your desires once and for all so you can get your wealth momentum moving.

I will tell you straight out that even though, I still don’t fully understand the idea of Sex Transmutation, my financial results are steadily accelerating since I started wanting to understand it. I love exploring the idea that charisma is transmuted sex energy. It turns me on to think that helping people find their charisma is what I am teaching next.

Curious? I hope so. Take the quiz and you will be first to get notice when the Charisma Creator Master Class is open for registration.


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