“In 2014, I was dormant. Just like a winter tree. Not a leaf in site, my trunk and branches were bare. Sure there was life pulsing in the deep somewhere in the frigid cold environment. I only looked dead.”

Yes, this is me. The part of me that was dead was my $exual desire. My ex had no desire for me and I was just divorcing. I had no idea that waking up my desire would change my life so profoundly.

In 2014, I did have an awakening. Yes, it is a story that I love to tell. More importantly, when my desire came back it was like a fountain of energy in the middle of me. I could not sit still. My business, my relationships and my living arrangements had a profound upgrade.

Who would have thought a 65 yr old single grandmother could leverage $ex energy so deliciously? Certainly not me!!! Uni (My name for Universe) has been amazing to me, truly restoring what had been stolen from me by the bullies in my growing up years.

I love how Dr. Phil says, “You gotta rise above your raising.”  I know the truth of that. I have had years of coaching and training.

I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Napoleon Hill is exactly right. Sex energy can be directed toward financial success. I am living it and I am teaching it starting next week. Six weeks, recordings and worksheets. Could your life be upgraded with this info? I wonder.

This 6 Week Training including downloads and lab sheets is only 197.

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Charisma Mastery with Sex Transmutation Training starts on February 9.


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