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My mind won’t shut up!!!

Sure you can get instant results with the Law of Attraction.

Like when you notice your gas tank is on fumes and boom, there’s a filling station on the next corner. But for the most part, there can be a significant gap between asking and being given. Some even experience years of waiting for that soulmate or promotion to show up in real time.

What’s an LOA lovin’ Abraham Hicks fan to do in the in between time.  It is certain that riding a wave of gratitude is the most efficient way to become more magnetic. Tuning in to and maintaining the frequency of gratitude is the challenge. But what can you do while you are in limbo—-the vague time between when you ask and it is given?

Imagine an airplane in a holding pattern waiting for the exact right time to land.  Your job is to keep yourself in that holding pattern until the cooperative components are in place and then poof…in you drop at the exact right time!

The holding pattern is well-being and is in tune with the frequency of gratitude. You always feel better in well-being.  In order to be in the receptive zone (where the Law of Attraction delivers), you need to experience ease and relief….frequently.  

LIMBO is limbo for a reason…you are on the path to lining up your receptivity with what your Inner Being is holding for you, (in vibrational escrow) waiting for you to tune in to the proper frequency. Here are 5 things you can experiment with right away to explore how to feel well-being. Here you go:

L  Laugh! There is nothing better for changing your mood and your frequency. Once upon a time another lifetime ago, I went through a cancer chapter. Comedies like The Bird Cage and Liar, Liar plus I Love Lucy reruns kept me giggling through chemo.  Laughter never fails.

I  Imitate! Right now in this moment there are people experiencing exactly what you are wanting. With social media, it is easy to watch how they act and then imitate them. For example, if you are waiting for money to materialize, pick a current wealthy person you admire and imitate something they do.  Taylor Swift is my celebrity crush when it comes to wealth. She uses hers gracefully. She also loves cats and is herself on social media. As I imitate that, I come into tune with that future abundant me.

M Marvel!  You have a beautiful mind! Full of capability to celebrate the beauty that surrounds you every single day. Start spending time marveling at what is in your right now world. Smell the flowers you normally walk right by while walking the dog.  Watch for beautiful things to notice. Smile at children. Help little old people across the street. You get my drift.

B Befriend! Speaking of little old people, you walk by one every day who has no one to talk to. Reach out to someone new every week in your usual neighborhoods and coffee shops. Be friendly and connect. You never know if a random stranger turns out to be a person who introduces you to someone else.  Leave your cell phone in the car next time and go in and talk to someone!

O  Own it!!! (This is an advanced step, not for the faint of heart!)  As you have put it out to the Universe, into the FP, own it. Frame a mindset that sees it as done.  If it is money you are wanting, see the things that money will buy for you and tell yourself it’s on its way!. Your imagination is the point of power.  Imagine yourself in the situation you are waiting for.  Affirm. I am manifesting this, it may not be here yet and that is ok because I manifest something every single day.

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